Jeerai-Ru or Creeps-in-Darkness?

The weather was never nice in Windhelm. Flecks of snow blew on the harsh wind over the bay, piling up in small drifts on the stone docks and pounding against the scales of the workers. Jeerai-Ru cursed his decision to come here from Black Marsh every day, when he even had time. The Shatter-Shield family …

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Sir Time Plays: Kenshi (Part 5)

Nines and I were already not talking to each other. We were still near Black Scratch, and the steep mountain range that the sands broke over to make a path to Telbooze was looming ahead. I was still carrying the decaying and bloody body of a recently-killed sand ninja jounin but Nines was walking ahead …

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Screenshots (and the retconning involved)

Realized today when I was looking at my screenshot library that I had a few pictures older than I thought they would be. In fact, I have a picture of Zimm after he killed and looted the bandit leader. The funny part is that the medical stats are clearly visible and don't really line up …

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