New ideas

As anyone who has looked through my posts knows, nothing after this point is guaranteed to see the light of day. However, I recently bought Pixel Piracy on Steam, because it was cheap and I like pirates, and now I’m thinking about writing up something about it soon. Probably just a review since I found something interesting that I had forgotten about while digging around my hard drive today.

UnReal World is an interesting RPG about the “Far North” set in the late Iron Age. It’s been around for a long time but I’ve never really heard much buzz about it. I believe I only heard about it from people on online games several years ago. In fact, as I was too young to spend money on the internet or to care for the well-being of development teams, I coerced the person who told me about the game into letting me share his access to the downloads to get my first unlimited taste of the game. Before that, I had gone through a compelling experience in which I had been saved (hardly) from being entirely mauled by a mountain lion only by the trial period expiring. We can just omit the part where I was bleeding to death and still currently being mauled. Anyway, as of early 2013, UnReal World has been entirely free to download with optional donations. If I recall correctly, I was so excited to see that change that I immediately donated and downloaded the game again. After a brief time living as a travelling carpenter and hunter, the game has gone untouched. Although I do encourage anyone who is interested to look into the game for themselves, I may be doing a story similar to my Kenshi project sometime in the future. There’s no shortage of minutia in my favored playstyle, but hopefully it can be interesting for a while. Either way, I can actually wrap it up so it’s not just loose threads if/when I lose interest in the character. It’s a very deep game that is always expanding. Reading through the changelog, I immediately see things that are miles ahead of what was possible before. There is plenty of fun to be had, regardless of how well I end up writing, so stay tuned.


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