Sorry once again.

Yes, it really has taken me this long to even remember that I was trying to write something. To anyone who enjoyed where it was going (I will pause for your silent applause), I apologize. Reading over it, I can recall that I was trying to remember minute details of what happened at the beginning of my playthrough because I didn’t seem to think it was a good idea to start writing right away or not keep playing the game. So yeah, that’s a big oops on my part. On to better things.

Anyone who actually cares to glance towards my Twitter will have noticed that I have been spamming it up a bit with Joystiq tweets. Sorry about that too. To make up for it, to those unlucky few or none, I’m planning on using my extra free time to write up a little post about the Banjo Kazooie franchise. Not sure how poignant it will be or anything, but I think I have some stuff to say about it, especially since it’s not a terribly popular game series these days. Stay tuned for more information.


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