Hello World

It’s been a while and quite a few things have happened. I stopped writing as much because I found better things to do, which was good because I had to go back and laugh at my last couple posts and toss them away. What I didn’t realize when I did them and cast them into a dark corner of my mind is that I never finished my story about Zeno Clash. I think I bought it when it was on sale for a holiday or in a Humble Bundle. Can’t remember, and I didn’t actually read the draft. I may finish writing it sometime, but it’s just a review so it’s not even as important as creative writing about vague gameplay. I thought about playing Kenshi again recently, but I instead dived headfirst into The Elder Scrolls world again with all of my free time. I now have an amazing girlfriend, which is awesome, and she wants to see my crappy writing, so I think I may add a couple articles about my latest Skyrim character.

Anyway, just wanted to let the world know, if there was anyone interested, that I have just been dangling off the edge of everything for a while and haven’t completely disappeared. If I’m bored and have some time, I may see about writing more.


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